Peters Photobooth


Peters Photobooth
Peter’s Photobooth is a Photobooth and event Photography company offering the latest photo and video services in the Photo Booth market and event photography for all events.
Peters Photobooth have been operating for 4 years now and have completed over 500 events, that is 175,000 photos taken and over 250,000 photos printed. This shows the work they produce is top class, and is evident from the previous events that they have done. Peters Photobooth takes huge pride in their work and this shows they will do everything they can to work with you to ensure their booth is a success at your event, whether its a Wedding, Formal, Corporate product launch or a children's birthday party.

As you may know, photo booths have continued to change over the years and with that Peters Photobooths are constantly updating their service offerings, having the number 1 booth in the world (2 years running) and the only one of its kind in Ireland. Peters Photobooths love producing an amazing product for all their clients.

Whether you know exactly what you want, or unsure, get in touch and they will talk through all that they offer to make sure you get what you need. Whether you would like to see a mock up of how the photos will print, a mock up of a fully personalised booth, let us know and we will help.

The Inflatable Photobooth. 
Similar to the Traditional Photobooth, the inflatable booth is an enclosed booth, being enclosed it gives customers the privacy to do whatever they like in the booth without being watched by other guests. With enough room for 6-8 people, a complete green screen background, allowing a huge selection of backgrounds....
The Infinite Photo Booth is the latest Booth in the industry with the best cutting-edge technology and capabilities. This state-of-the-art photo booth offers a massive range of amazing features in a beautiful sleek booth. The Infinite Photo Booth has a wide range of capabilities including green screen technology.
The traditional Photobooth is, as the name suggests traditional, it is the style of booth that has been around for years and it brings delight and happiness to everyone who uses it, they jump in, pull over the curtain and then have the time of their lives! 

Want to add a bit of vintage modern to your event? Try our brand new fully digital Photo Booth! Offering all the features of our top end infinite booth but in a compact beautiful booth. Giving your guests an amazing, fun and most importantly memorable experience offering them the option to take normal photos, Green Screen Photos, Animated GIFs, boomerang GIFs or digital props while also giving them the option to add special filters to theirs photos before giving them the option to email it to themselves or upload it straight to social media! 

Want to make your event extra Sweet? Add one of Peters beautiful Candy carts too!
With a huge selection of sweets to choose from, personalised bags and event a personalised cart, they can do it all, let them know what you would like and they can sort it! Or if you would like their beautiful cart with your choice of sweets book it soon.
Why not add a delicious popcorn machine to your event, whether you have 50 guests or 500, they can cater for them. Their popcorn machine goes perfect with our Candy Cart and Photobooth.
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