Ardigon Sky

Ardigon Sky

  • Updated: 03 October 2017

Exhibitor Description

Ardigon Sky

This is perhaps the hottest opportunity for anyone requiring aerial footage ! 

From entrepreneurial filmmakers who want the experience of using SUAVs and aerial imagery in their masterpieces.

High end property estate agents looking to garner that very low altitude, aerial video footage captured by our SUAVs 
(It may help sell large pieces of property and homes with unique features much more quickly.)

Unique Wedding couples who want that extra wow feature including our extra special iconic VW T2 Hire

ArdigonSky SUAV operators will also help with any project or site survey.
Capturing unique aerial footage from vantage points that only small unmanned aerial systems can provide will augment & in most cases surpass traditional “video” 

SUAV footage is becoming popular by many business sectors.

And why not? Venues are often chosen for their spectacular location and gorgeous scenery; ArdiognSky can capture more of what makes the project more special than ever before, whether it be a wedding, a promotional campaign or even a necessary safety inspection of a roof.

We at ArdigonSky are able to help

If you want to arrive in style, but not in a limo, why not arrive in an Icon.

This VW style icon makes a fabulous alternative to an ordinary wedding car. 

You can even capture the fun and romance by featuring an aerial travel shot into your wedding photography. 

We can provide Aerial footage where possible at the venue, or on your journey as something a little bit differnt

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